Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fluffy Valentine Wreath

I found this super cute wreath Here via One Pretty Thing. And since I'm attempting to do more seasonal decorating, I thought I'd give it a try.
So I went to Michael's to get the stuff, but, of course there were NO heart shaped wreath forms. I could have bought a grapevine one, but those smelled funny. So I figured I go to another store later this week. But, instead....
Using the back of an old desk calendar and an X-acto, I made a heart shaped form. Then taped some rolled up newspaper to the heart and covered it with red duct tape. Yep! Using what I have cuz I am NOT going out in all this snow!

Then I just hot glued the feather boa to my form and tied it up with a sheer ribbon.

Underneath is my Martha Stewart glitter painting. Mine is way fluffier and I'm debating whether or not to trim it. I'll ask the husband for his opinion when he gets home (Valentine's Day is his birthday, after all.)

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